About World in Need

World In Need is a non-profit organization that was founded through faith in Christ. We are government accredited since 2011 and function with a board of committed individuals. We started our work in a West African country in January of 2006, equipping women and men build stronger, sustainable communities, even amidst difficult circumstances. Since that time, the work has grown to multiple other countries. We strive to relieve poverty among the downtrodden anywhere in the world, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or status, by equipping them to help themselves through education and sustainable development. We function on a few basic principles: accountability, building relationships, local action, individual responsibility and self-sustaining projects.



We are proud to say that 100% of donations collected go directly to the people in need. All administrative costs are personally covered by the directors and are not taken out of any charitable donations received from our fellow supporters.

Building Relationships

We focus on connecting with individuals within their communities to assess their need and help them identify ways to uplift themselves and those around them. People have the opportunity to use these community meetings in two ways: to seek individual projects that use their own strengths as well as present others in the community for collective projects. These relationships allow us to connect with these communities and develop an avenue for potentially strong and valuable community bonds amongst themselves.

Local Action

By having active team members that work in the area, we are able to interact and integrate with communities that are often difficult to reach. Our goal is to employ local people and use local resources and small businesses. By doing this, we strengthen the communities we are working in and also decrease our overhead costs.

Individual Responsibility

We have large expectations of the people that we meet to share the blessings they receive with others in their community. Any person who is helped by us is asked to donate a portion of their time, energy or money back to their community. The way this is paid back is decided by the individual and therefore is something that can be attained. By encouraging this practice, we are hoping to build strong communities that are invested in each other.

Self-Sustaining Projects

Other than a small amount of donations going to emergency food, shelter and clothing relief, the remaining projects focus on creating a system that can function without continual monetary input. Many of these projects include investment in education, setting up small businesses, building shelters, and livestock banks. This practice allows our donations to enable successful and independent individuals, in turn creating healthier communities.